Aerial Wildlife Management

Hog Eradication

The wild hog has become not just a novelty in Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas Oklahoma and Louisiana, it has become an unruly pest.  Wild hogs are very destructive to your property, to your crops, to your native wildlife populations and to the personal safety of those that use the land.

We fly most of our hog eradication missions for private land owners who want to rid their property of wild hogs.  Our procedure is simple.  We take a survey and grid approach to hog eradication.  We use the helicopter as a survey tool, a herding tool and a delivery platform.  And by delivery I mean we rain death from above.  It is not uncommon to put down 100 hogs in a day of flying.

Many times local volunteer organizations are arranged to be on site to harvest the downed animals.  Waste of good meat is not our goal.  In fact we encourage land owners to arrange donation of the meat to worth causes in their areas.

Larger Organizations:

Hog eradication works best when groups of land-owners in an area band together to rid the area of hog problems.  We have been contracted in the past to perform hog eradication services for land-owner A.  We finish our task and upon leaving we see feral hogs just across the fence on the neighbor’s property.  Since feral hogs will eat plants and animals alike it is only safe to assume that they will cross the fence to repopulate land owner A’s property to gain access to hogs that may not have been found and to spread their numbers in search of plant food sources.

REPRODUCTION OF FERAL SWINE: Once a sow reaches breeding age at 7 or 8 months of age they can be responsible for 1,000 plus feral swine in a 5 year period. The State of Texas had an estimated population of over 2 MILLION at last check.